Vacuum Beer Container

CP5758T ,1 L / CP5758T ,2 L

Name:Vacuum Beer Container
Type:CP5758T ,1 L / CP5758T ,2 L

Item No. CP5758T,  1.0 L Portable Beer Container 

Item  No. CP5758T ,   2.0 L Portable Beer Container  

Material: Made of High-Quality and Food Grade Stainless Steel Inside And Outside;

Features : 

Vacuum Insulated, Keep Cold /Hot 12 Hours ; Screw Lid +Wide Base ;BPA Free 

Wide Mounth Openning for filling ice cube inside easily.

Good for Outdoor /Camping use

Portable Beer Container 

Available 1.0L  and 2.0 L 

Screw lid 

Wide Base

Keep cold 24 Hours . 


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