Vacuum Can Cooler /Tumlber

CP5576 Slim,390ml /CP5577,Regular,340ml

Name:Vacuum Can Cooler /Tumlber
Type:CP5576 Slim,390ml /CP5577,Regular,340ml

Item No.: CP5576 ,Slim Size Can Cooler           ; Tumbler 390 ml 

Item No.: CP5577 ,Regular Size Can Cooler     ; Tumlber 340 ml

Material : High Quality Food Grade Steel Inside and Outside

Features :

Vacuum Insulated , Enable your Canned Cola or Beer Cold for Longer time ;

The Can would not drop down to hit your mouth when  tilted to drink .

Can be used as  a tumlber when no can placed inside .

Painting surface /Water-transfer finish /Powder Coating available. 


Copyright:Zhejiang Chengpeng Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

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