2-pieice contruction Vacuum Bottle


Name:2-pieice contruction Vacuum Bottle

2-Peice Construction Water Bottle   

Item No.: CP5366 , 400ml   (Bottom Cup 250ml)

Item No.: CP5388 , 550ml   (Bottom Cup 350ml)

Item No.: CP5392 , 550ml   (Bottom Cup 500ml)

Material : High Quality Food Grade Steel Inside and Outside

Features :

Vacuum Insulated Bottom Cup+ S/Steel Double Wall Steel Top Half 

Bottom Cup and+Top Half both can be used as drinking cups when necessary 

Assemled into 1 Bottle by screwing ,Non-leaking .

Separate into 2 Pieces, easy for users to fill large-piece ice cube in Cup;  Carry with you in bottle ; Keep Your Beverage Much Longer.

Ice + Champagine Inside, Shake it  ----serve as a Shaker . 

Good for Camping /Outdoor 


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